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Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Aug 21, 2017

Welcome to Deep Listening, impact beyond words. Do you know that we spend 55% of our days listening? Yet, only 2% of us are trained on how to listen. Listening is the competitive advantage of the 21st century. Whether you are a business owner, executive, employee, or parent, this podcast will transform your impact through listening.   

I’m your host Oscar Trimboli. Workplace research shows that the difference between good managers and great leaders is their ability to listen and actually hear their employees and customers. These organizations that have great leaders outperform the others by a factor of four. I have witnessed first hand the cost created by a lack of listening. With this podcast, I am going to help you create impact with your listening as we explore the five levels of listening.

The Five Levels of Listening

  • Listening to yourself
  • Listening to the content
  • Listening for the context
  • Listening for what is unsaid
  • Listening for meaning


“Listening and not speaking is the competitive advantage for the 21st century” Oscar Trimboli

“I will provide you with tools, tips and techniques to move from an unconscious listener to one that creates a big impact.” Oscar Trimboli

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