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Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Oct 16, 2017

Christina Rostworowski da Costa is a professional interpreter and translator from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Christina translates Portuguese, English, French, and Italian. She has worked in boardrooms, meeting rooms, and a variety of venues as she helps translate meetings, deals, high-stakes negotiations, and even arbitration.

Oct 9, 2017

In this episode of Deep Listening we go through the forests of Idaho and the borderland between Canada and the United States as we speak to world class mediator Ken Cloke. He mediates across multiple domains from families, to schools, to corporations. Ken has been a mediator for 37 years, and he is a prolific author...

Oct 2, 2017

My guest today is Jodee Mundy an independent Creative Producer and Artistic Director. Jodee’s work points to a future beyond inclusion where the diversity is as valuable as the art. She also grew up as the only hearing person in a deaf family.

Jodee knew her family was deaf, but she didn’t realize that they...