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Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Jan 25, 2019

Dr Bronwyn King is a radiation oncologist and the founder of Tobacco Free Portfolios. Dr King works in countries all around the world to help financial institutions divest from tobacco companies - saving millions of lives.

Bronwyn has worked to treat hundreds of people with cancer. She shares the pivotal story when she realised her own money was invested in tobacco companies that caused the diseases and were killing her patients. 19,000 people die of tobacco-related diseases daily, and Dr King is bridging the world of health and finance to do something about it. A moment of deep listening triggered this revelation for Bronwyn.

By engaging leaders of funds, banks, insurers and other financial institutions, Dr Bronwyn King advocates for the divestment of tobacco companies. She has had her success through meaningful face-to-face interactions, diving head-first into the language of finance.

Bronwyn's inspiring story shows the power of listening to create a massive impact  - addressing the largest health issue in the world today.


Tune in to Learn

  • How listening can help us to break out of silos
  • Why the most valuable interactions are after the meeting ends
  • How listening brings hope where there was none
  • How to remove your money from tobacco investments
  • How to make an impact beyond words

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