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Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Mar 26, 2021

Today we will be discussing with Professor Sheryl Brahnam, from Missouri State University. Sheryl has focussed her research on the role of embodied conversational agents, computer abuse, critical theory, and virtual reality psychotherapy. In 2010 she became interested in how technology is changing the way we listen to each other which is why when the New York Times wrote an article called “why Zoom is terrible” they reached out to Sheryl for her decades long expertise in the role of technology and listening. 

This discussion is full of practical tips in getting the most from video conferences in the workplace especially how to use your face relative to your webcam to help reduce unintended interruption  

Sheryl explains that how video conferences can be the equivalent of junk food in the communications before most people aren’t aware of the ingredients for a video conference and how they are re-constituted. 

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