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Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Dec 21, 2018

Corine Jansen is a Listening Practitioner in the Netherlands, who strives to make a real difference in the health care system by listening.

Corine’s method focuses on listening and speaking as a human being, to another human being, disregarding all roles of doctor, patient or nurse. Dealing with the topics and issues usually unaddressed in the health care setting brings healing, by helping people be whole again - more than a set of diagnoses.

Chief Listening Officer since 2010, her focus on listening is being used in six hospitals throughout the Netherlands.

Everyone has a story - practitioners as well as patients, and listening to everyone saves mistakes being made, and money being wasted. Corine shares her own experience with illness and how not being listened to perpetuated her time being unwell. 

Corine has an inspirational commitment to listening and to the value of human centered care. 

Tune in to Learn

  • How to clear your mind completely to listen
  • How to use silence practically to listen effectively
  • How to choose to be present in the moment.

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