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Deep Listening - Impact beyond words - Oscar Trimboli

Feb 2, 2023

Deep Listening Ambassadors 2023


The purpose of the Deep Listening Ambassadors Community is to create 100 Million Deep Listeners in the workplace.

  • Be a listening role model in your community, not a perfect listener
  • Being better than the last conversation
  • Create a connection to useful listening resources
  • Support other Deep Listening Ambassadors around the world

The Deep Listening Ambassadors meet regularly across three time zones to understand, learn, and support each other to improve their listening.



Born in December 2019, the Deep Listening Ambassador Community was named through a listening process. We asked people who wanted more information about listening if they would like a place to practice and improve their listening.

Through a survey of 426 people, they voted, and the community agreed to call themselves Deep Listening Ambassadors.

The community has

  • grown 2,448 members across 19 countries
  • explored how to bring Deep Listening into their workplace
  • discussed how to make progress with their workplace listening during 93 online workshops across 3 time zones
  • made connections with other Ambassadors
  • provided feedback on how to listen – the book including title, structure, stories, and weekly exercises
  • prototyped how to listen – an online course – including feedback about assessments, course structures, and pricing.
  • Requested and provided input into a Deep Listening Accreditation


The group has grown organically, and with 2,448 people who have joined the community, I wanted to invite you to let me know how you would like to shape the Ambassador community in the next 12 months.

If you would like to have your say in the future of the community, I invite you to complete this  5 minute survey.


As a thank you for your time and commitment to the community and the process of listening, I will post a paperback copy of how to listen - discover the hidden key to better communication - the most comprehensive book about listening in the workplace to you, just for completing the survey.

The survey must be completed on Midnight February 15, 2023 United States Pacific Time

For everyone who completes the quiz will go into a draw. One person will be randomly drawn from the group, and they will be the winner of a bonus prize.

Bonus Prize

You will receive 10 copies of the book and a 45-minute listening online workshop for up to 20 people in your workplace. If you work for yourself, I will run this workshop for one of your clients or suppliers for up to 20 people.

This workshop will need to be completed by June 30, 2023.